Thank you

This website and its products would not have been possible without the help and co-operation from several of Bob’s family members, friends and colleagues.

They are:
Mark Mitchell, Veronika Mitchell, Jean Mitchell, Frances Moser, Matthew Mitchell, Jon Mitchell, Ken Newton, Bron Robinson, Lody Yuen, Karen Laird, Russell Jones, Ron McCrae, Jenny McCrae, Don Cox, Jack Ahearn, Betty Ahearn, The Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club Inc. Gold Coast, Ken Kavanagh, Mick Woollet, Keith Bryen, Eric Hinton, Stan Dibben, Bern Bouilllon, Mal Flannery, Berice Flannery, Warrick Johnson and Eric Bliss.

Bob would be proud to know that by placing this material in the public domain for the first time, other important people in his life, some of whom are no longer with us, will have been honoured.

They are:
Max George, Jimmy Hocking, Keith Campbell, Pip Harris, Fritz Hillebrand, Jacques Drion, Inge Stoll, Cyril Smith, Eric Oliver, Ben Willets, Bernie Mack, Orrie Salter, Phil Irving, Frank Sinclair, Col Sampson, The Hartwell Motorcycle Club, Sandy McCrae, Jack Findlay, Dick Thompson, Alan Burt, and Willi Noll.