Book cont.

The book contains more than 200 photos, 180 media clippings and 100 reproductions of diary entries and letters, most of which have never been seen by anyone outside the immediate family. This wonderful collection of records which were kept undercover by Bob for 50 years, tell a chiselling story of courage and private determination of a person who reached the top.

Also retold is how Bob was stunned by his first meeting of Norton Motors office girl Jean Barton and how he won her heart and hand in marriage. Letters Bob wrote to Jean while he rode on the Grand Prix circuit tell of their heartfelt romance as well as providing historical information and very personal revelations about his racing companions and competitors.

The book traces Bob’s achievements after racing and his extraordinary business career.

In the final chapters, Bob’s affinity with and dedication to motorcycle safety are documented. He rode motorcycles all his life and taught hundreds of friends and family the art of riding sensibly and safely, whether on the track, highway or in street traffic. He became a defensive driving school instructor.

The Sultan of Slide is dedicated to Bob’s life and his most consuming challenge.