Book feedback

Mick Woollett first met Bob Mitchell at ther 1954 Belgian Grand Prix and they became close friends up till Bob's death. Mick went on to become the most prominent motorcycle racing journalist of his time, author of many books on the subject, and best known for a famous book Norton, published in 1992.

Mick sent this message to author Mark Mitchell on 29 July 2013:
'My congratulations. You really have done an incredible job. It is certainly the best biography of a rider I have ever seen.

'It brought memories flooding back. Those truly were the days. Very pleased you included my article, done with Bob, about the shocking treatment he got at the 1956 Isle of Man TT. What miserable bastards they were and how amazingly they changed their tune as soon as they lost world championship status.' (Mick will be 83 in September 2013)